View from Qal'at ibn Maan over the valley of the graves - Photos by Daniela Hager ... and our friend Armin Meyer, actually

A selection from some important archaeological sites, such as Yabrud I...

Yabroud I, excavated by A. Rust and later R.S. Solecki

The profile by R. Solecki still perfectly visible

Yabroud I: Profiles (Rust 1955 and Heinzelin 1966)

Yabroud I: excavation by A. Rust     View from Yabrud I on a cave opposite

the village of Yabroud in 2006


Dederiyeh Cave:





... and on the way to Tadmor/Palmyra.

Photos from Armin Meyer and Daniela Hager
Website by Daniela Hager, June 2006